About Us

Hello and welcome to Yum!, a bakery dedicated to all things gluten-free and yummy! My name is Kim and I have been baking and eating gluten-free for over 13 years. A number of years ago my sister discovered she could no longer eat gluten. She was planning a visit to Michigan (she lived in Texas at the time) and I was determined to have some version of baked goods for her to eat. I managed a decent rendition of banana bread and some muffins and am grateful to say, I am far more sophisticated and polished in my skills today then I was back then! 

After my sister headed back to Texas, I started to give some thought to my own health issues. It seemed we shared a number of the same symptoms.  For years I lived with severe intestinal distress (I would literally have to map out public bathroom locations during work travel in case a “bout” hit me…sorry if that’s too much information), had joint pain that forced me to stop exercising, and reproductive problems that ended with a full hysterectomy, the list goes on. I decided to eliminate gluten from my diet and within 3 weeks I was literally 100% symptom free (I’m not kidding, this was life changing for me) able to exercise again, free of what I would consider debilitating joint pain and without intestinal difficulties.  

 I’ve always loved to bake but having to bake gluten-free presented me with an opportunity (and a challenge) to improve my skills and make others happy too. I started “gifting” cupcakes, cookies, breakfast bars, and cakes to people at work for birthdays and during the holidays, who had Celiac Disease or Gluten Intolerance (if you are reading this, you know what a drag it is to go to work around the holidays and watch the “Wheaties” scarfing down cookies and treats!). That being said, I have many wheat eaters in my life who love my gluten-free baking as much as those who need to eat gluten-free. 

I know this is long, but bear with me. Last year, I quit my engineering job, sold my house and moved back to the town I grew up in to marry my sweetheart from many years ago, (thanks social media for hooking a gal up). As life, has settled down and I’ve settled in, my thoughts have returned to doing what I love most which is baking for others.  Through the encouragement of my family and friends (thanks Ron W. if you ever visit my site and read this, for your encouragement over the years and to my sissy who makes me feel like a gluten-free baking dynamo), I have decided to don my favorite apron and start a new adventure with Yum! Baked Goods, specializing in gluten-free goodies baked in a dedicated space with dedicated equipment. 

Please visit me at the Farmers Market in Mt. Pleasant, MI this year or contact me directly to place an order for all things baked that make you say “YUM!”. 

Thank you for visiting! Kim  

My Sweetheart!