About Us



Hello and welcome to YUM! Baked Goods! now serving the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area for 3 years! For those of you new to our business, we are a Cottage Industry business, which means all of our goodies are baked from my home kitchen. All of our sales are “person to person” (just give me a call to place an order) or you can purchase our goodies at the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Farmer’s Market on Thursdays, starting in June, and some Saturday’s (check out our Facebook page for specific dates). I am an ex-engineer, turned rogue baker who has Celiac disease. Everything we do is strictly gluten-free, in a dedicated space on dedicated equipment, so zero risk of cross contamination.

As a returning “alumni” to the Mt. Pleasant area, my goal is to service our community and surrounding community members who either have Celiac Disease, are gluten sensitive/intolerant or have made a life style choice that doesn’t including eating gluten. I also have many folks in the area that just love what we do and no matter what their dietary preferences, continue to support us, for which I am eternally grateful! This is my passion and creating new and different offerings is what brings a song to my heart. So, give us a call, or come visit in person for all things yummy and gluten-free-

Thank you for visiting! Kim